Hidden Coast

The shadows are deeper in this part of the world, and the power and beauty of the ocean invite introspection. Roll up the cuffs of your pants and walk along the beach or light a fire in the fireplace and relax.

This is a place of tales, long naps and sunsets that last forever. It’s where history started before words could be written, and where the lore of the Quinault outlines the topography better than any map.


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1. Ocean Shores

Oceans Shores, Washington is ready for you. Come into our beautiful city, stay in one of our fantastic overnight accommodations, and spend your time hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, or just relaxing by Washington State’s best view of the Pacific Ocean.

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2. Ocean City State Park

Smack dab in the middle of the Washington coast, near the beach town of Ocean Shores, you will find the lovely, unpretentious Ocean City State Park.

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3. Copalis Beach

As you walk on the northern beaches of Grays Harbor, you get a taste of what coastal life was a thousand years ago.

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4. Seabrook

Using architecture reminiscent of the northeast, this relatively new village overlooks wide sandy beaches and features boutique shops and dining.

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5. Pacific Beach State Park

Run with your kite, or your dog, on a flat sandy beach. Inhale the salt sea air and listen to the Pacific Ocean as it crashes on the shore by your side. Help the kids build sand castles, go fishing or dig for clams in season.

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6. Moclips

Moclips is a beautiful small town in the North Beach area of Washington State. Local activities include camping, hiking, kayaking, clamming, surfing, fishing and bird watching. The community has kite contests, sand sculpture competitions, and the Kelper’s Parade and Celebration. Dine at a beachside restaurant, or visit the Museum of the North Beach and the Quinault Indian Reservation.

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7. Quinault Cultural Center and Museum

The Quinault Cultural Center and Museum is a museum of culture in Taholah, Washington, owned and funded by the Quinault Indian Nation. It contains artifacts, arts, and crafts of the Quinault, housed in a converted retail building.

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